Red Velvet’s Joy Looks More Gorgeous Than Ever In First Appearance After Hiatus

Fans are thrilled to see the idol happy and healthy.

Red Velvet‘s Joy is back and looking better than ever! After a brief hiatus due to health issues, our favorite idol is ready to delight us all with her stunning beauty and unending charm. She’s now ready to take the stage again, and her first appearance did not disappoint.

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram 

In April, SM Entertainment announced that Joy would be taking a step back from her activities to focus on her health. As a result, the Red Velvet star missed out on multiple Red Velvet overseas schedules, including the Asian and European leg of the group’s latest tour R to V.

After a two-month-long silence from the company and the idol, SM finally announced Joy would be making her long-awaited comeback to her activities on June 21.

Joy has been focusing on rest and recovery, and her health has drastically improved. After thorough discussions with our team and medical staff, she has decided to return to her activities. We’re extremely grateful for all the fans who showed unwavering support and encouragement for Joy during her time of need.

— SM Entertainment

Joy after one of Red Velvet’s “R to V” concerts. | @_imyour_joy/Instagram

Today, Joy made her first public appearance since the announcement of her hiatus, and let’s just say, her glow was unmissable. She stepped out wearing a stylish, crisp white dress, perfectly complemented by a classy white purse and matching boots. Her ensemble exuded an aura of refreshing elegance and innocent charm, proving that a hiatus does nothing to dim the shine of a true star.


But that wasn’t all from our fashion queen. After wrapping up her schedule at SBS’s studios, Joy delighted waiting fans with a second outfit change. This time, she opted for a casual yet chic look, donning a vibrant red polo shirt paired with a trendy short jean skirt. Her straight, brown hair flowed freely, with an adorable white barrette adding a playful touch to her outfit.

Joy’s comeback sent ripples of excitement across the internet. Fans and netizens alike were overjoyed to see their favorite idol looking not only healthy but also glowing with happiness. Many expressed their admiration and relief, commenting on how refreshing it was to see Joy back in her element.

All in all, Joy’s return was a beautiful reminder of the star’s strength, resilience, and unwavering spirit. Her healthy glow, infectious smile, and renewed energy signaled the return of an idol who’s not just loved for her talent, but also for the joy she brings to her fans. We’ve truly missed you, Joy, and we’re beyond thrilled to have you back!

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