Red Velvet’s Joy Reveals Why She Doesn’t Recommend Perfumes To Other People

She still shared some of her favorite scents with her fans!

Red Velvet‘s Joy shared her pick for great perfumes, and also shared the reason behind why she actually prefers to not disclose her favorite scents to other people!

Joy recently sat down with Elle Korea to share her favorite skincare and scent products, and gave tons of great recommendations!

She soon revealed her favorite scents, recommending perfumes SW19 “6AM” and SW19 “3PM” perfumes, and also shared the stories behind how she found her signature scents!

I first found out about this perfume when I was taking a photoshoot for another brand, and the photographer gave it to me as a gift. So it’s more meaningful and it’s my favorite perfume.


Describing their scents, she then shared how she wears the perfume according to the timings attached to their names!

There are two types of this perfume. If you look here, it says “3PM” and here it says “6AM”. I read it somewhere, and this one [6AM] is a smell that you can smell at 6AM in London, I think? And this one [3PM] is a scent that you can smell at warm, drowsy 3PM, and I couldn’t choose between the two, because I like both of them.

So, literally, I put on “6AM” in the morning a lot, and 3PM in the daytime.


She then revealed that she actually doesn’t like telling other people the perfumes and scents she favors as she wants to avoid any kind of overlap with them, but she’s making an exception only this once!

But I don’t really tell people what perfume I use, because I don’t like it overlapping with other people. I don’t really tell people because I want it to be my own special scent.

But I’ll tell you this once!


Watch her talk about it here!

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