Red Velvet’s Joy Reveals Her Skincare Routine For The Harsh Winter Months

She revealed how she keeps her skin in top condition, even during winter!

Red Velvet‘s Joy recently revealed how she keeps her gorgeous skin fresh and nourished, even in the cold winter months!

Joy recently sat down for a Q&A session with Allure Korea, on their Ask Allure segment on YouTube!

She answered tons of questions about her lifestyle and fashion choices, doling out great advice about each!

One of the questions asked to her was,

Can you give us your tip for skincare in winter?

Joy revealed that when the season changes, so do her preferences in makeup!

Oh, whenever the season changes, my skin just acts out. It’s not that bad, but the makeup that used to fit me well suddenly doesn’t feel right on my skin. And because the dryness is different from season to season, I have to pick makeup products based on the season.


She then gave her tips to avoid dry skin during winter!

So, during winter, I always focus on moisturizing. If in the summer I used the least amount of skincare products, I think in the winter I use around 4 or 5 [products]! It’s too dry otherwise.


Watch the whole thing here from the 4:41 mark onwards!

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