Red Velvet’s Joy Names The Rookie Groups She Currently Has Her Eyes On

She’s been loving these groups these days!

After 7 years in the industry, Red Velvet‘s Joy is now a seasoned veteran idol, and she named two rookie groups that have really caught her eye nowadays!

Joy recently guested on comedian Park Myung Soo‘s Youtube channel Halmyungsoo, where he hilariously reprised his “role” as her legendary photographer, once again delivering with some top-class photos of Joy!

Park Myung Soo: “You’re going to ask for photos again today, right?”

Joy: “Of course!”


As the two drove in the car for a “car picnic”, they discussed songs perfect for rainy days! Joy then asked Park Myung Soo to name artists he really likes these days, and he named ITZY as his current top group!

I like ITZY recently. ITZY!

—Park Myung Soo

Joy agreed with him, revealing that she’s recently been a fan of two groups—ITZY and STAYC!

Aren’t they so pretty? I find ITZY and STAYC pretty and cute!


Joy recently made her solo debut with the remake album Hello, with a title track of the same name.

You can watch her talk about her junior groups here!

Source: STAYC J image