Red Velvet Joy Shocked By Over-Excessive Fan’s Behavior, Her Expression Says It All

Her expression revealed just how shocked and uncomfortable she felt.

Red Velvet‘s Joy arrived for the rehearsal photo shoot held before every Music Bank.


She posed stunning, in her all-denim dress, when an excessive fan startled her by suddenly screaming out her name.


She was caught off guard and completely surprised as her expression revealed exactly how she felt.


The excessive fan continued to scream at her while the members posed for the press.


Joy looked uncomfortable as she fidgeted with her bag strap as her bright smile faded.


As soon as the photo time ended, she put on her smile and walked off like the professional queen that she is!


Although Joy may have brushed it off, fans and netizens heavily criticized the excessive fan for causing a disturbance to Joy, the rest of the Red Velvet members, and the people around him.

  • “Joy looks scared ㅠㅠ Honestly, it’s rude…”
  • “He sounds like he’s f*cking threatening her… Wtf is wrong with him…”
  • “The members all got scared but he continued to scream at them. It’s rude to the other people too. What’s wrong with him..”
  • “If the people you’re screaming at don’t like it, you should stop. How is that cheering for Red Velvet? He’s just doing it for himself.”
  • “He’s a f*cking psycho”


Watch the complete video here:

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