Red Velvet’s Joy Sings “Part Of Your World” From Little Mermaid And Proves She’s Actually Ariel

K-Pop’s very own red haired princess!

Red Velvet‘s Joy has always been compared to Princess Ariel from Disney’s “Little Mermaid”, especially whenever she rocked this bright red hairstyle.


Fans have long speculated Joy is this Disney princess in disguise as a K-Pop star. And in her most recent Instagram update, Joy covered the movie’s soundtrack, “Part of Your World” and finally proved to the world that she is, in fact, Ariel-come-true!


The caption reads, “Luvies have been asking me to cover this for a long time, so…” Joy starts off the first of a series of videos by saying the actual lines from the movie, spoken by Ariel before she breaks into song.


And Joy’s fans are entirely shocked by how similar her voice sounds to that of the original Ariel in the movie. Red Velvet fans have long known that Joy has a beautiful voice, but to hear it as Ariel’s is a whole another level of awesome!


Fans remain completely enchanted by Joy’s version of Ariel and continue to leave supportive comments on the post, encouraging Joy to continue covering more songs and sharing them with the fans!

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