Red Velvet Joy Talks About How She Felt During Her SM Entertainment Audition

“I felt like my life would be ruined…”

Red Velvet‘s Joy shared what happened at her SM Entertainment audition during a live video interview!


In the live interview, the four members of the new series The Great Seducer enjoyed a meal together while responding to questions fans may be curious about.


Fans asked which cast member had the most perseverance to which Joy responded by revealing how her SM Entertainment audition was the first test-of-perseverance she’d ever faced in her life.

I felt like my life would be ruined if I didn’t do well in the audition. It was the first time in my life that I took on something with perseverance.” — Joy


Joy’s always dreamt of becoming an artist, frequently performing at her school events in front of a large audience.


She auditioned for SM’s Global Audition in Seoul back in 2012, where she ultimately passed and was offered to train as an SM Rookie!


In just a few short years (but after a grueling training process), Joy debuted as the maknae of Red Velvet in 2014!

She soon passed on the maknae position to Yeri, when she joined a year later.


After persevering through a competitive audition process, a back-breaking training system, and the overworking conditions of an idol rookie, Joy has blossomed into the beautiful queen that she is today!


Her next perseverance will definitely be overcoming the obstacles as she films and promotes her latest drama, The Greatest Temptation!


Source: Mydaily

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