Red Velvet’s Joy Learns To Read Tarot And Tries To Save Her Manager’s Love Life In The Process

“Anyway, I’m glad that I didn’t break up a couple.” -Joy

Red Velvet has done many an “arcane” concept when promoting their “Velvet” side but what would happen if they pursued that further? That’s exactly what Vogue Korea sought to discover when Joy stopped by their channel.

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As a part of their Vogue Class series, they gave Joy the opportunity to learn to read tarot. Tarot is formally defined as “any of a set of usually 78 playing cards including 22 pictorial cards used for fortune-telling.”


Joy started with the basics of card shuffling (which was not her strongest suit) before moving on to doing actual readings. With her computer by her side, Joy was ready to give a go.

First, she did a financial reading on herself as practice before graduating to reading someone else’s tarot. Since her manager was with her, she decided to read for her love life. After confidently laying out her cards, she had her manager select three to represent her past, present, and future.

Joy flipped over the cards confidently after saying “It’s much more fun doing this for someone else than myself.” 

This excited energy became nervous when she realized the first card was “The Lovers” flipped upside down. The one that followed was also facing the opposite direction. It made Joy genuinely happy when the final card was right side up.

Joy took a breath and then began to read the cards, starting with the past. “It’s backwards–I’m so scared!” she said before turning to the internet for guidance.

After a quick internet search, she explained the card as best she could.

Lovers backwards means that the couple doesn’t feel attracted to each other anymore. Past, Past!


Joy then made it worse by reading the hashtags which included #parting, #affair, and #cheating.

But when it seemed all was lost, Joy’s aptitude as a potential fortune teller came through.

I think you had a hard time in love. Regardless of who it was, it says that you went through a break-up.


Joy got more confident with the next reading. When she got to “The Five Of Cups” she instinctively recognized that the sad, downward-facing person on the face of the card may not be as bad of an omen as it first seemed.

Her suspicion was confirmed when she read the hashtags #OutofPain and #OutofPast.

This allowed Joy to tie her reading to the manager’s previously mentioned breakup.

You start to rebuild a relationship with the one you were disappointed with. You were disappointed and about to give up… but now the relationship’s better… You won’t break up! It was difficult, but now seems to be a very stable time.


This was spot on and even received an “ok” from the manager.

The final card was the “Two of Pentacles” which Joy was certain was right just from the online search.

Holding on to two things. It says there are two things you must handle at once. You’re pursuing your career and your love relationship at once. Very busy times.


Joy started laughing immediately after reading this because her manager’s reaction told her she was right.

Joy then reluctantly informed her manager that this was her future card and that she was “going to become even busier.” Joy was masterfully able to turn the card around and make it into a relationship lesson.

You’re going to be busier, but that might make your lover upset. I think it’s a card that tells you to pay attention when you’re next to your lover.


Joy then summed up what the audience was feeling when she ended the reading by saying “Anyway, I’m glad that I didn’t break up a couple.”

Joy genuinely seemed to enjoy giving tarot a chance so we hope she gets to try it again in her future. To see her full lesson, check out the video below:

Source: Tarot Definition

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