Red Velvet’s Joy Updates Fans On Her Health In Touching Message — Shares How Supportive Her Members Have Been

“I’ve only now started to get better, so I am belatedly reaching out to you.”

Red Velvet‘s Joy updated fans on her health.

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On May 4, the idol spoke with fans on a private messaging app where she updated them on her health. Joy is currently taking a hiatus due to her health.

Red Velvet’s Joy To Temporarily Halt Activities Due To Poor Health

In her message, Joy revealed that she has recently felt better.

I had a heavy heart thinking about the Luvies (fandom nickname), who are getting tired from waiting and being concerned. I’ve only now started to get better, so I am belatedly reaching out to you.

— Joy

Joy then stated that she had been resting well and thanked fans for their support.

I am resting well and am recovering. It’s the first time that I’ve dropped everything and spent time reserved for only myself, so at first, I was nervous and had a hard time, but thanks to the members, many people at the label, and Luvies’ concern and understanding, I am recovering well.

— Joy

Lastly, Joy gushed about her members and revealed how supportive they had been of the idol through her ordeal.

I will do my best to get well soon and see you guys. I am sorry I won’t be able to perform at the concert. I have a heavy heart.

The members, every time they contact me, all tell me that I am the priority and that I should take care of myself first! They have been a great source of strength for me, so I wanted to tell you guys. I hope that if you are going through a hard time, you express it to someone and take care of yourselves. That’s the only way we can all be happy when we meet.

I am so sorry and thankful. I want to meet you guys soon. I love you.

— Joy

Previously, SM Entertainment revealed that Joy would be taking a hiatus due to her health. At the time, the label revealed that “Joy had recently gone to the hospital due to her recent poor condition. After speaking with the doctors, they felt that she needed to rest and treatment.”

Stay tuned for updates.

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