Red Velvet Joy Used To Be Extremely Shy, And Here’s How She Overcame It

Here’s how the Red Velvet members helped Joy overcome her shy personality.

Red Velvet’s Joy gained a lot of popularity from fans for her bright and bubbly personality.


However, Joy’s personality has not always been this outgoing. In fact, she used to be very shy and introverted.


Joy always began the beginning of each semester at school worried. She was too shy to go up to anyone so she always stayed alone until someone came to her first.

“During the beginning of the semester, especially in March…I was also very shy and I didn’t know how to start a conversation with someone so during the beginning of the semester I was often alone.” ㅡ Joy


What helped her change her personality was actually her fellow Red Velvet members!


The Red Velvet members gave her a life-changing piece of advice – if she continues to act in that way, she’ll have no one beside her.


The members wanted to help Joy so they encouraged her by saying, “We want to trust you and be a team so we hope you can let us in.”


Joy was able to gain confidence from the members’ encouragement, and now their teamwork is something that any group would be envious of!

“I think having at least one person that you can completely trust and rely on is very important, much like the [Red Velvet] sisters that I have.” — Joy


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