Red Velvet Joy’s Beauty Turns Heads On Her Way To Work

“The Joy Kuromi agenda going strong.”

Red Velvet‘s Joy has recently drawn attention while simply on her way to work, thanks to her pretty visuals and resemblance to a beloved cartoon character.

Joy (Red Velvet) | SBS

While going to the set of Animal Farm, a reality series which she hosts, Joy captured media attention with her long, gorgeous black hair and flattering makeup paired with a slightly edgy outfit that gave her total Kuromi vibes.


image (1)

The mix of the lacy white dress along with the leather bomber jacket looked amazing on Joy, though then again, she can make any outfit look great.

image (2)


The look has gotten fans talking on social media, with many sharing their appreciation for her visual similarity to the Sanrio character mentioned above, Kuromi.

Her appearance even became a topic of conversation on an online forum post, where more people expressed their admiration for her beautiful visuals.






Whoever styled Joy with this entire look definitely knew what they were doing!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa

Red Velvet

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