Red Velvet Makes History By Being The First Girl Group To Achieve #1 On The US iTunes Album Chart Thrice In One Year

They’re the only girl group to do so!

This is not a drill: Red Velvet has just made history!

On December 23, Red Velvet dropped their repackage album The ReVe Festival: Finale, their third and final album of the ReVe Festival series, along with title track “Psycho”.


A few hours after the release of their album, it topped the US iTunes Album Chart, and also topped the album charts in 37 other countries!


With this feat under their belt, Red Velvet has now made history as being the only girl group in the world to have grabbed the #1 spot on the U.S. iTunes Album Chart three times in one year! Their previous albums this year also topped the charts both times, with The ReVe Festival: Day 1, and The ReVe Festival: Day 2.

Fans have been extremely happy and proud of their girls for reaching this amazing milestone!


Congratulations, Red Velvet!


Watch the MV for “Psycho” here to celebrate!

Red Velvet

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