Red Velvet Matches Half Of Their Company’s Coronavirus Donation With A Total Contribution Of 230 Million Won

Every member of the group made their own donation.

Over the last 2 days, every member of Red Velvet has made a donation to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) relief in Korea. In total, the group’s staggering contribution matches around half of their company SM Entertainment‘s donation.

Yeri was the first to donate publicly on February 27. She uploaded a story to her Instagram showing the ₩10 million KRW ($8,250 USD) donation made under her real name, Kim Yerim. In the update, she also wished for a swift improvement in the COVID-19 situation, hoping everyone would be able to remove their masks and show their smiles soon.

On February 28, her fellow Red Velvet members followed suit. Seulgi, Joy, and Yeri released a statement to the media pledging a total donation of ₩30 million KRW ($24,750 USD). The three singers said the COVID-19 situation was heartbreaking, and that they wanted to give everyone even a small amount of strength to help.

Next came the announcement of Irene’s donation. The star made a staggering personal donation of ₩100 million KRW ($82,500 USD) to the Social Welfare Community Chest of Daegu.

Daegu is Irene’s hometown and also the area most affected by the COVID-19. As of February 28 at 9:00AM Korean standard time, Daegu has a total of 1,314 coronavirus diagnoses—65% of the total cases in the country.

Last but not least, it was announced that Wendy had almost made a surprising donation of ₩100 million KRW. As Wendy is currently recovering from serious injuries which had her hospitalized for 2 months, fans were overwhelmingly touched to see her make such a large donation.

In total, that brings Red Velvet’s total COVID-19 aid contribution to ₩230 million KRW ($190,000 USD). The money will help provide masks for underprivileged Koreans as well as medical supplies to staff working round the clock to fight the virus.

On February 28, it was also announced that Red Velvet’s company, SM Entertainment, had donated ₩500 million KRW ($410,000 USD) to Hope Bridge. That means Red Velvet’s total donations match almost 50% of what their company donated.

The group’s donations have inspired numerous fans to make their own contributions, using the members’ birthdays (such as Irene’s birthday, March 29, or 329) or the group’s debut date (August 1, or 801) to decide their donation amount.

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