Red Velvet Reveals How Each Member Decorated Their Individual Rooms At Their Dorm

They each finally have their own room!

Red Velvet appeared on Idol Room, where they revealed that they each have a room of their own in the new dorm!


Wendy started off by complimenting Seulgi‘s room being “well decorated“. Seulgi explained that she decorated her room to look like something you’d see on social media.

You know those rooms you see on social media? I put a plant in my room, set up my computer nicely, installed a spot beam lighting… that kind of feel.

It feels a little like an attic room.

— Seulgi


Joy then described her room in Wendy’s words as “luxurious” along with a queen sized bed! Wendy complimented the space of Joy’s room, claiming it was bigger than the other rooms.

[The rooms] are small, but when I go to Joy’s room after being in my room, I feel like I can breathe. It’s very spacious. The bed is so comfortable.

Our rooms can’t even fit a queen sized bed!

— Wendy


Joy explained that it only felt that way because Wendy had too many things inside her room!

The rooms don’t have a big difference in size. It’s just that Wendy made her room look too clustered, starting off with her bunk bed.

You mustn’t misunderstand. We fairly chose the rooms at random as a lottery.

— Joy


When Seulgi revealed that Wendy always texts her to see what she’s doing in her room, Joy cutely revealed she was jealous that Wendy only goes to play in Seulgi’s room.

Seulgi: Wendy always texts me to ask what I’m doing.

Wendy: Why don’t you text me too? I’m upset because Wendy only goes to play in Seulgi’s room.



Wendy clarified that she only prefers Seulgi’s room because it’s “very small and comfy.” She says it’s more her style than Joy’s “luxurious” room!


Clearly, these queens are having the time of their lives now that they each have their own rooms! But no amount of space can separate the bond that they share with each other!

Source: My Daily

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