Red Velvet Name Their Favorite Looks From Their “Queendom” Comeback

From all their amazing looks during that era, they picked their favorite one!

Red Velvet made their long-awaited return to the music scene in August with their “Queendom” comeback, and looked better than ever!

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And in a recent interview with Vogue magazine, the members of Red Velvet sat down to discuss their recent comeback, 7 year anniversary, and more!

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One of the questions they were asked was,

Within your music videos, specifically, what role does fashion play? As musicians how do you engage with fashion?

And Joy revealed that fashion is an integral part of their comeback conceptualization, as it helps communicate their music from a visual aspect as well!

Fashion plays such an essential role in expressing the song’s concept and mood visually. By utilizing various items and styling them in different ways, you can create and amplify a specific mood, making it extra fun for the viewers to watch. In our “Queendom” music video, we showcased multiple looks from a witch concept to a caddy girl look and all-denim outfits. While maintaining a balanced, coordinated look as a group, we were all styled differently using an assortment of materials and point items to give more variety.

I’d say fashion is like armor that makes me feel safe, protected, and confident. It’s such a powerful medium for musicians when it comes to self-expression. Fashion and music go hand in hand and allows us to express our music visually, heightening the overall experience for the audience. I appreciate all different kinds of fashion and how it completes me as an artist and as a person.


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And Yeri shared her current favorite look from their “Queendom” comeback, revealing it to be the pink minidress and jacket she wore in the teaser photos!

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My current favorite look is the caddy girl look in our new “Queendom” music video! It’s a blend of girly aesthetics with a sporty edge, and I loved the mix and match of the two. All the members pulled it off well. I wore a baby pink mini dress with a jersey jacket and a pair of white sneakers, using bold necklaces and earrings to dress up the look.

I also thought this caddy girl concept really complimented the song and its uplifting sound.


And Yeri was right, because all the members of Red Velvet pulled off the aesthetic ridiculously well!

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Check out their legendary “Queendom” era here!

Source: Vogue

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