Red Velvet Open Up About How Important Wendy Is To Them At Their Recent Japan Concert

They really miss Wendy!

Red Velvet members share the purest friendship!

On January 11, Red Velvet made a tour stop in Hiroshima, Japan, as part of their La Rouge tour. As Wendy is currently recovering from a serious accident that occurred during stage rehearsals for the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejun, the remaining members powered through the concert as 4, covering Wendy’s parts to the best of their abilities.


At the concert, a video of Wendy played while the group was backstage, preparing for the concert. Afterwards, when the group came back on stage, each of the members remembered Wendy, and spoke about what an amazing vocalist she is, and how important she is to the team.

Irene spoke first, and first talked about how grateful she was to the fans for coming out to see them, and also mentioned how much Wendy misses the fans.


I’m very happy to be able to do a concert in Hiroshima again. I’m very thankful, thank you. Did you all watch Wendy’s video? She kept on telling me that she wants to perform on stage, and I told her that has to get better soon. You all think the same, right? We finished this concert well as 4, thank you so much for coming.



Seulgi opened up next about how much they miss Wendy, and how difficult her parts were to cover. She talked about how amazing Wendy is as a vocalist, and how they have to laud her prowess as a singer next time the Japanese fans meet her.


For this concert, we went through a lot of preparations, but Wendy isn’t here, so we worried a lot. But she kept sending us supportive messages , so today the 4 of us have managed to gain strength to be in front of you. While preparing for the concert today, we had a lot of mixed feelings, but thanks to everyone we can wrap up this concert well.

Also, I think the members felt the same, but while covering Wendy’s parts, it made me realize how tired she must have been. [laughs] So the next time you see Wendy, you all have to shout “Wendy jjang!” okay? I’ll tell her this. Thank you so much for coming today. I really want to say that I love our Luvies [nickname for Reveluvs] so much.




Joy spoke next, and talked about how sad she is that Wendy wasn’t with them at the concert. She used Wendy’s microphone the whole concert, making fans realize how much she missed her bandmate.


When Wendy’s video played just now, wasn’t that sad? I heard it through my in-ear monitor backstage, and it was a little sad. Honestly, we nearly lost our minds trying to fill up Wendy’s spot. In the recording studio, Seulgi was up first for covering Wendy’s parts, and she came out exhausted. I was wondering, “Is it really that tough?” Turns out I nearly died too…One of the dancer unnies also filled up Wendy’s spot and we realized how big a single person’s role is.

My heart is a bit sad because I want to do this [the concert] together [with Wendy], but compared to us being so concerned, Wendy unnie is supporting us so cheerfully. She’s doing her best to recover, so lets keep smiling today. Ah…without Wendy unnie…this is the first concert without Wendy unnie, but I’m relieved that it ended well.


Joy’s IG Story: “I miss our angel”


Yeri was the last one to speak, and she concluded the interactions by speaking in Japanese, and also sent massive love to her unnie.


Today was the first day of the Japan tour. Wendy unnie couldn’t be here, but she wanted us to tell you that she misses you guys. Today went well so I think it will too in the future. Thank you for always us so much love. Lets be okay in the future too. Thank you so much for today.




Red Velvet is currently on the Japan leg of their La Rouge tour. They recently made their comeback with repackaged album The ReVe Festival: Finale, and title track “Psycho”.

We wish Wendy a full and speedy recovery!

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