Red Velvet’s “Psycho” Is A Special Song For STAYC—Here’s Why

STAYC performed Red Velvet’s “Psycho” recently, and revealed why it was special to them!

STAYC recently covered Red Velvet’s 2019 song “Psycho”, where Sumin revealed why the song was a special one to the group!

STAYC | @STAYC_official/Twitter

STAYC recently appeared on Weekly Idol, where they talked about their comeback with “Stereotype”, and also played several games with the hosts!

On the show, the group performed a cover of “Psycho”, and absolutely killed it!

Before they began their performance, Kwanghee asked them,

Is there a special reason for choosing this song?


Leader Sumin revealed that before making their official debut, this was the last song they practiced as trainees, and want to show their hard work to their fans!

It was the last song that we performed as trainees before we debuted. Only a part of it was uploaded on the internet, and we wanted to show you more of it. So we have prepared this song!


Their efforts certainly paid off! Watch them perform “Psycho” here!