SM Explains What Red Velvet’s New “Queens Mystic” Project Is Really All About

Red Velvet is finally back—and they’re bringing this cool concept with them!

After almost 600 days since their last comeback, Red Velvet is finally back! And, in true Red Velvet fashion, the group had fans mystified when they dropped a cryptic new Instagram update and YouTube video yesterday. After fans speculated about what it might mean, SM Entertainment has finally clarified what the project is all about.

At midnight on July 26, Red Velvet updated their Instagram account with a new theme: Queens Mystic General Store. Alongside uploading a poster and profile photo featuring the cat with heterochromia from their “Ice Cream Cake” Music video, they also changed their bio, stating “You can find the ‘NEW YOU’ in here.” The bio went on to reveal that the aforementioned “store” is open from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. until August 1.

The Instagram update came with stories featuring the members in different locations. On top of that, a video titled “Queens Archive – Red Velvet ‘Somethin Kinda Crazy'” was uploaded to YouTube.

Naturally, the sudden influx of Red Velvet content sent fans into a frenzy as many struggled to work out what the new project is all about. Some speculated that it may be for the group’s anniversary, which also falls on August 1, while others wondered if the unusual videos were comeback teasers. Now, SM Entertainment has explained all.

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In a tweet posted to Red Velvet’s official account, SM Entertainment announced that Queens Mystic General Store is part of a pre-comeback promotion. The promotion, which will be delivered through Instagram and YouTube until August 1, centers on the “Queens Archive.”

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Described as an omnibus-style video series in a press release from the company, “Queens Archive” will present one video each day at 12 a.m. KST.

Each video will focus on a different member’s charms as they take on one of Red Velvet’s past songs—presumably selecting only from B-side tracks. The first video featured “Somethin Kinda Crazy” from the group’s 2015 album Ice Cream Cake, while the second features Wendy taking on “I Just” from the 2017 album Perfect Velvet.

On top of this, items from Queens Mystic General Store will be posted to Red Velvet’s Instagram account at 12 p.m. KST each day. These items are all part of past music videos and teasers Red Velvet shot, from the “Psycho” sewing machine to Joy‘s “Zimzalabim” outfit.

With SM Entertainment going to this level of creativity for a pre-comeback promotion, fans can’t wait to see what Red Velvet has in store for their actual comeback in August.

Source: Star News and Red Velvet

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