Red Velvet Safely Lands Back In South Korea After Their Trip To Pyongyang

Red Velvet arrived at Seoul safe and sound!

Red Velvet left for Pyongyang on March 31st for their Pyongyang performance and have since returned safely today!

Photos of the girls landing back in Seoul were posted online.


They arrived Incheon International Airport in the middle of the night at 3:40 am.


The members were all dressed a little more formally than usual in their casual suits.

Source: News1


Their makeup was still flawless even after the tiring trip.


And they took the time to wave to their fans and reassure them that they were safely back.


The South Korean artists including Red Velvet who performed in Pyongyang were welcomed by over 200 reporters and hundreds of fans.


In particular, fans were surprised at Irene’s beauty even during this early hour!

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter


Her red lips and porcelain skin made her look like a real-life doll.


Watch the artists come through the gates of Incheon International Airport!

Source: Dispatch, MBN News and Insight

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