Red Velvet’s Seulgi Let Fans Choose Her Haircut — This Is What Her Hair Looks Like Now!

She put all her faith in the fans’ opinions.

Not many people would trust someone else to choose their haircut, but Red Velvet’s Seulgi isn’t like many people! Seulgi deepened the bond she shares with her fans this week when she asked them to choose her newest style.

Seulgi took to DearU Bubble this week to let ReVeluvs know that she was in a state of ennui and looking for a change. After back-to-back schedules with her solo debut, “28 Reasons,” Red Velvet’s comeback, “Birthday,” and GOT the beat’s debut mini album, “Stamp On It,” it’s no surprise that she’s been feeling restless during her downtime.

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To spice things up a bit, she decided to get a new haircut — and, in true Seulgi fashion, she let her fans have a say on it.

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Seulgi explained that she wanted to get bangs, but wasn’t sure which type to go for. The Red Velvet star has been known for her standout bangs in the past — take her choppy “Peek-A-Boo” cut for example, which fans are still obsessed with to this day. So, everyone was understandably excited to see her rock bangs again.

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However, this time, it seems like she wanted something fresh! Seulgi sent fans four reference pictures of different bangs styles taken from Pinterest, including a photo of popular Squid Game actress Jung Hoyeon, and waited to receive their thoughts.

Eventually, with everyone’s opinions divided, she decided to conduct a poll on Instagram—after an adorable struggle to find the poll feature!

The majority of fans quickly voted that Seulgi should definitely go ahead with the haircut, leading the star to offer up two options for bangs: full or see-through. When it was time to cut her hair, Seulgi was amazed to see the results of her poll were 50-50!

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In that case:
“I like full bangs” – 50%
“I like see-through bangs” – 50%

Since she is never one to disappoint her fans, she decided to give everyone a bit of what they asked for and combine full bangs and see-through bangs into one style.

After she finished getting her hair cut and styled, she sent two stunning selfies to the fans on Bubble and thanked them for their precious votes. Seulgi also shared the results on Instagram for the poll voters to see!

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Seulgi is always gorgeous, but this hairstyle is certainly dazzling. ReVeluvs have amazing taste!

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