Red Velvet’s Seulgi To Feature On A B-Side Track About Friendship From Wendy’s Solo Debut Album

Wendy and Seulgi are showing off their strong bond with each other!

As same-age friends and teammates, Red Velvet‘s Wendy and Seulgi are well-known among fans for the close friendship that they share!

Wendy (left), Seulgi (right)

And now, for Wendy’s upcoming solo debut with the album Like Water, the two are showing off their tight bond again! The album contains 5 songs, and one of the tracks on the album called “Best Friend” is a mellow song with a jazzy arrangement, and the lyrics are about gratitude and promise to stay loyal to the people who stay by her side.

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Wendy’s teammate and friend, Seulgi, recorded this song with her — creating a lovely, comforting harmony and showing off their incredible chemistry as vocalists together!

The album also features popular musicians like hitmakers Yoo Young Jin, KENZIE, composer minGtion, and producing team Coach&Sendo. As the album boasts quality production, music fans are looking forward to listening to it!

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We can’t wait for the heartwarming duet from Wendy and Seulgi!

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Watch Wendy’s latest mood sampler for Like Water here!

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