Red Velvet’s Seulgi Can’t Understand Something About Human Items In The “Queendom” MV, And You’ll Definitely Agree

It’s baffling!

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi plays a mail carrier in their magical “Queendom” MV, and can’t help but wonder about a particular item from the “human world”!


In a recent behind-the-scenes video of their MV filming for “Queendom”, the members can be seen playing with the various props of the MV set, with each prop tailored to fit the members’ individual roles in the storyline!

In one of the scenes, Seulgi introduces her role as a mailman, and also gives a list of all the things she’s supposed to deliver from the “human world”!

I am a mailman. I must send all of these…Airpods, lost shoes. I must send all the items from the human world.


Seulgi then hilariously talks about how her clumsy self has lost items as well, and shot a question to the camera about an item from the “human world”—where do all of her hair ties go?!

I probably lost a lot of things myself… What I don’t understand [is], where did my hair tie go?! Where did it go? Why does it always go away?


She complained about how they always end up somewhere far away, and also pouted about things are never there when she’s looking for them, but she’ll spot them much later when she doesn’t need them!

You can never find things like hair ties, but they pop up elsewhere. Also, things I look for are never there when I’m looking for them. So I’d leave, but they’ll be there when I get back right in front of me like magic.

Why does it happen? It’s so strange…


Let’s hope Seulgi finds everything she’s been looking for in the magical world of “Queendom”!

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Watch the MV for “Queendom” here!

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