Red Velvet’s Seulgi Joins New Content Agency And Launches Personal YouTube Channel

Content agency Studio Episode will manage Seulgi’s new channel.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi has surprised fans by revealing her first personal YouTube channel ahead of her birthday!

| @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

The official Red Velvet X (formerly known as Twitter) account posted a simple link to the channel earlier today, catching fans off guard. The channel is called “Hi Seulgi,” similar to the username of her popular Instagram account.

Seulgi is one of the idols most famous for her aesthetics, and while her Instagram feed already proves that, she will have an even bigger opportunity to share that with her fans through more vlogs on her personal YouTube channel.

In the description, Seulgi promises to treat the channel like her very own diary and asks fans to fill the chapters in together while she shares vlogs related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

| YouTube

Interestingly, the channel is not managed by SM Entertainment, an unexpected twist welcomed by ReVeluvs. Fans discovered that the content expert company Studio Episode will run the channel and manage the content for her. Studio Episode produces and manages several popular YouTube channels. Some of them include channels of known stars like Aiki, Jenny Park, Han Hyejin, Seo Inguk, and more.

From information found on their site, Studio Episode studies their artists’ branding, does the filming, planning, and editing, manages content schedules, finds potential collaborations that are mutually beneficial to the artist, and more.

Fans are excited about this new content agency, as they have consistently been let down by SM Entertainment’s “RED Production” center and their management of Red Velvet content — including the time it takes for them to shoot, edit, and upload the girls’ vlogs. RED Production manages only TVXQ! and Red Velvet, which has only further added to the fans’ confusion on why it takes them so long to produce content.

Either way, fans are excited to see a new side of Seulgi through her personal channel and can’t wait to watch what adventures she will share with them in the future. You can watch the intro to Seulgi’s YouTube channel here:

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