It Took Red Velvet’s Seulgi A Long Time To Invite Yeri On Her Talk Show—Here’s Why

Seulgi just wouldn’t invite Yeri on “” no matter how much she asked, and she finally revealed why!

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is hosting her very own live talk show called, and recently invited all the members of Red Velvet on her show to promote their latest comeback, “Queendom”!

Red Velvet | @seulgi_zip/Twitter

But in an earlier episode, she invited Yeri and PENTAGON‘s Hongseok, where they promoted their new webseries, Blue Birthday!

Yeri and Hongseok for “Blue Birthday”

As Yeri praised Seulgi’s new show, she revealed that she had wanted to appear on the show from the start, and pouted at Seulgi not inviting her before!

From the beginning, [I wanted to be on] ever since the launch! But you wouldn’t invite me no matter how much I asked!


Seulgi said that in her defence, she had a long list of people already slated to appear on the show, and had no choice but to waitlist Yeri all the while!

You had to be waitlisted. is really busy. We’re all booked!


She then revealed that she could finally have Yeri on her show only now because Yeri was there to promote her new webdrama, along with Hongseok!

But since the two of you filmed the webdrama, and since it’s such a good drama, should introduce it to everyone first, right? So we have a lot of stories prepared for you all. I trust you two will share a lot of stories with us!


Finally, Yeri got her chance at Seulgi’s show, and she killed it with her charm and wit!

Hongseok, Yeri, and Seulgi | @seulgi_zip/Twitter

In the meantime, Red Velvet came back with “Queendom”, so don’t forget to check out the MV here!

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