Red Velvet’s Seulgi Mesmerizes Fans With Her Edgy Look And Stunning Moves In “So Good” Teaser

If “Russian Roulette” were a velvet concept, it might’ve looked like this!

Red Velvet Seulgi‘s installment in their “Queens Archive” series just dropped, and ReVeluvs are obsessed with her stunning visuals and mesmerizing dance moves!

Seulgi in her video for “Queens Archive.” | Red Velvet/YouTube

Ever since fans first saw Seulgi return with her bright orange hair, they theorized that the idol would be referencing her “Russian Roulette” era.

Seulgi in the “Russian Roulette” MV. | SMTOWN/YouTube 

“Russian Roulette” was a “Red” release for the group, meaning it showcased their upbeat, pop sound. The music video had a sporty concept and the members wore preppy, bright outfits.

Yeri, Wendy, Seulgi, Joy, and Irene for “Russian Roulette.” | SMTOWN/YouTube 

Seulgi’s “Queens Archive” video showed the idol returning to the tennis court—but in an entirely new look! In place of the bright colored outfit of “Russian Roulette,” Seulgi matched the “velvet” vibes of “So Good” in an edgy, all black look.

Seulgi in the “So Good” video for “Queens Archive.” | Red Velvet/YouTube 

Her orange hair was tied in a thick braid, and her chic outfit showed off her stunning figure while making her look extra powerful. Instead of sneakers, Seulgi wore thick combat boots to finish off her strong look.

| @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

ReVeluvs can’t get over the detailed eye makeup that accentuates her beautiful eye shape!

| Red Velvet/YouTube 

Seulgi shows off her skills as the group’s main dancer with a mesmerizing, sensual routine that complements the music.

| Red Velvet/YouTube 

ReVeluvs are showering the idol with praise over her beauty and talents!

Check out Seulgi’s “So Good” video below!

Source: YouTube and Instagram

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