Seulgi Compares Red Velvet As A Group And Her Upcoming Unit Duo With Irene

It’s definitely different!

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi was featured on DAZED magazine for their July issue, and she opened up about her upcoming unit duo with Irene.

She only gave a snippet of what to expect with IRENE&SEULGI, but she compared it with her work with Red Velvet and fans are excited!

Seulgi revealed that the concept and style is not like Red Velvet and very distinct. She herself is excited for the new challenge!

I can’t tell you everything, but IRENE&SEULGI’s stage and concept is very distinct. It’s a different style than Red Velvet.

I think it’ll be a time where I can express what I’ve been thinking and wanting to do.

— Seulgi

Not only is she taking a new challenge with IRENE&SEULGI, she’s also took on a retro look that was a throw back to the 90’s. And she absolutely nailed it!

I really liked the clothes today. I liked the retro style too. I’m interested in fashion like retro and anything cool.

— Seulgi

IRENE&SEULGI is all set to make their debut on July 6th! Stay tuned for more updates!

Meanwhile, check out their teaser below!

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