Red Velvet’s Seulgi Reveals She’s Jealous Of SHINee’s Taemin And Wants To Try His Genre Of Music 

She loved the music video, and hopes to try out a similar style in the future!

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi reacted to SHINee Taemin‘s “Advice” music video, and she had nothing but positive things to say about his performance.

| Red Velvet/YouTube

Seulgi was shook by Taemin’s artistic sense, and commented on how the music video and song seemed to combine all of his strengths. She loved all the different and new styles he tried, from vocal, to dance, and even styling. At this point, Taemin is just in a league of his own!

She was jealous of how well the video turned out with all the different elements, and expressed her desire to do something similar in the future.

Watch Taemin’s music video for “Advice” below!

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