Red Velvet’s Seulgi Joined SM Entertainment At A Young Age—Here’s What Convinced Her To Choose Them

She reveals what influenced her decision to join them at such an early age!

Prior to debuting with Red Velvet, Seulgi was the first trainee to be introduced under SM Rookies, and was the first confirmed member of the group to be introduced to the public!

Seulgi’s teaser for their debut song, “Happiness” | SM Entertainment

Known as one of SM Entertainment’s ace trainees, Seulgi was probably born to be a performer, but she recently revealed what made her choose the agency to sign with in the first place!

Seulgi recently sat down to share her playlist with fans on KBS‘s Youtube channel, and she shared her favorite songs from all the way back to her childhood, until now!

One of the songs she shared was BoA‘s “Atlantis Princess”, and talked about the great memories she shared with this song!

Those who had googles in your house, and tried wearing them, raise your hands!!!! That’s me~


She shared her memory with this song, and revealed that she performed “Atlantis Princess” at a blood donation event that her father participated in when she was young, even winning an award for her performance!

I have a big memory with this song too~~ There was a blood donation gathering that my dad participated in, and it was a big event.

I joined the talent show there, and won 1st place with this song…?? Maybe…? Was it a popularity award…? Anyway, I received an award!!!!!


Seulgi then said that through this song, she got to know the artist BoA more, and then also got to know about SM Entertainment, which influenced her decision big time!

Through this song, I was able to know BoA unnie better, and naturally know the company SM Entertainment. I guess it had an influence??


Fellow amazing singer and dancer BoA was a huge influence in Seulgi picking SM Entertainment as the agency to join, and ultimately debuting as Red Velvet’s vocalist and main dancer!

Red Velvet recently made their comeback with the album Queendom and a title track of the same name.

Watch the MV here!

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