Red Velvet’s Seulgi Starts Crying When She Unexpectedly Sees A Boy From Her Past

She unexpectedly ran into a boy from her past…

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi was moved to tears when she was reunited with a classmate from her past, who walked a difficult path after graduating from School of Performing Arts Seoul.

It happened when Red Velvet guested on I Can See Your Voice Season 5, and chose the “Helmet Man” as a most tone-deaf contestant.

However, he retorted claiming that he was a skilled singer, and when he took off his mask Seulgi’s jaw immediately dropped. She instantly recognized him as Ji Dong Kook, her close friend from her high school days.

Ji Dong Kook had become a construction worker after graduating from SOPA, after falling into a financially tough situation with his family.

As a construction worker, he was able to live in Seoul for free but unable to pursue music fully. He was only able to practice singing after work at the empty construction sites. His determination brought him to I Can See Your Voice and caused Seulgi to tear up while listening to his story as well.

I feel good because I got to sing in front of my friend

— Ji Dong Kook

Seulgi sent him off with a big wave and let him know that he did really well!

Good luck to Dong Kook on achieving his dreams of becoming a professional singer!

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