Red Velvet’s Seulgi Is The Most Successful TVXQ Fan, And Here’s Why

The artist has been a fan of TVXQ for years!

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi has been a fan of TVXQ ever since she was a little kid! The artist recently spoke about how TVXQ impacted her while growing up.

Seulgi from Red Velvet. | @hi_sseulgi/Instagram

In an interview with Billboard, Seulgi revealed that the first piece of music she ever bought was a TVXQ CD! Because Seulgi had never bought a CD before, though, she rushed and grabbed the wrong one.

… [I] was so excited to own a copy of their CD. I eventually fell in love with that album too, and listened to it so many times I memorized all the lyrics.

— Seulgi

Irene, Joy, Yeri, Seulgi, and Wendy with U-Know. | @smtown/Instagram

Her adoration for TVXQ didn’t end there, however! Shortly after joining SM Entertainment, the same label as TVXQ, Seulgi got to attend their concert in Seoul. Not only was it the first time she saw TVXQ (one of her favorite groups) in concert, but it was her very first concert in general!

… I can still remember that day and the energy that I felt as if it happened yesterday so it must’ve been a very special experience for me. The artist and the fans coming together as one and feeding off each other’s energy is something I will never forget.

— Seulgi

Seulgi has spoken in the past about how much of an impact TVXQ had on her life. She once said “It was like a dream for me” when describing what kind of existence TVXQ is to her. That dream quickly became a reality when Seulgi debuted as part of Red Velvet in 2014!

Left to right: Changmin, Joy, Seulgi, Irene, Yeri, Wendy, and U-Know. | @smtown/Instagram

In January of this year, Seulgi officially became the most successful Cassiopeia when she featured in TVXQ U-Know‘s music video for his single “Eeny Meeny!”

| @yunho2154/Instagram

The pair performed some amazing couple choreography as U-Know attempted to charm Seulgi’s character. It’s a total dream come true for any fan to work with their idol!

Seulgi has certainly worked hard to get to where she is now and should be proud of the fact that she can work with the idols she once watched from afar. She’s truly one of the most successful TVXQ stans, and she totally deserves it!

Source: Billboard, Star News and Instagram

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