Sunmi And Red Velvet’s Seulgi Get Emotional As They Reflect On Their Close Friendship

Sunmi and Seulgi have the sweetest friendship.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi was the latest guest on Sunmi‘s Showterview, and one of the segments of the show was a friendship test that required the girls to share their feelings while attached at the cheek. While it might have been awkward if they weren’t close, Seulgi and Sunmi have been friends for years.


Seulgi went first, sharing how grateful she was to Sunmi. Even in the past, Sunmi saw Seulgi’s potential as a soloist, confident that Seulgi’s unique color would win everyone’s hearts.

Thanks to Sunmi’s constant encouragement, Seulgi gained the courage to believe in herself and push her limits. And now that she’s finally made her solo debut, ReVeluvs and Sunmi couldn’t be prouder.

What you said made me work up my courage. It made me think, ‘Oh, I can do it! There are many people who believe in me.’ It got me to believe in myself, thinking ‘It will work out well.’

— Seulgi

Besides being supportive as a fellow artist, Sunmi’s welcoming and kind nature touched Seulgi’s heart upon their first meeting.

Though Seulgi is usually very nervous around her seniors in the industry, Sunmi’s friendliness and genuine desire to get to know Seulgi better made Seulgi feel comfortable and at peace in Sunmi’s presence. Thanks to that, the two have held a deep friendship throughout the years.

Sunmi replied to Seulgi’s words with humility and gratitude, saying that she was so warm and friendly because she knew how sweet and kind Seulgi was at a glance. Seulgi is beloved by everyone, whether it be fans, fellow idols, or the general public, and it’s all thanks to her golden heart. Sunmi usually finds it difficult to approach others, but because of Seulgi’s personality, Sunmi was able to reach out first.

As soon as I met you first, I felt how nice, sweet, and kind you are. That’s why I could reach out to you without hesitation.

— Sunmi

Sunmi also had a sincere wish she wanted to tell Seulgi. Because of Seulgi’s gentle nature, Sunmi and those closest to her have realized that Seulgi is the kind of person to put others before herself, so much so that she often holds back her own emotions because she doesn’t want to burden anyone.

As Sunmi started talking about how Seulgi often held her feelings back, the love and concern in her voice shook Seulgi’s heart, moving Seulgi to tears.

You always hold your feelings back, which sometimes breaks my heart. So I hope you…

— Sunmi

Knowing that Seulgi hid her hardships broke Sunmi’s heart, and while she couldn’t finish her words, it’s almost as if we can hear the rest of her wish. Sunmi wants Seulgi to know that it’s okay to share her struggles, that her emotions aren’t a burden when she shares them, and that she can lean on her friends, who, like Sunmi, will always be by Seulgi’s side.

The genuine love and care Sunmi has for Seulgi is as deep as the ocean, and ReVeluvs are so thankful Seulgi has such a strong support system, both within Red Velvet and outside. Seulgi and Sunmi deserve all the love in the world, and their friendship is the definition of sweet.

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