Red Velvet Surprised Fans With 2 Sexy AF Dance Breaks At Their 4th Concert “R to V”

“R to V” was full of sexy surprises!

Day one of Red Velvet‘s two-day concert R to V in Seoul was full of impressive performances, jaw-dropping visuals, and unbelievable vocals. All five members of the group showed how hard they had worked during the past few weeks and were able to stun fans with the unique stages they had prepared.

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The setlist was full of fan-favorite title tracks and b-sides, as well as songs that they had never performed before. All this made for an unforgettable night, with the guarantee that Red Velvet would serve incredible performances tomorrow too. Though Red Velvet’s discography is full of songs that fans have loved for years, the girls had gone out of their way to add twists to almost all performances. Many of the songs were remixed or rearranged, and they even added two amazing dance breaks that made for some jaw-dropping moments.

The first dance break came right at the beginning of their popular “Velvet” track “Bad Boy.”

The fans were surprised by a solo dance from each of the members, as the first few familiar beats of Red Velvet’s hit song “Bad Boy” filled the venue. It started with the group’s leader and lead dancer. Irene started the choreography, attractively dancing her way to Seulgi and evoking countless gasps and screams from the audience. The group’s main dancer then kept the sexiness going with fellow member Joy taking over near the end.

The performance was then continued by Yeri and finalized by Wendy, who was joined by the members at the end to finish off with the popular ending pose. The pose is famous among fans and non-fans alike, with the five gorgeous members of the group turning their backs to the crowd for a second, before looking back attractively.

The second dance break was an even bigger surprise, especially due to the fact that it happened during a totally unexpected moment.

The lights went up and revealed the five members of Red Velvet all on the floor following the abrupt stop of the group’s performance of “Psycho.” The silence after the stop was followed by a sexy simple beat. Following the music, Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri all started dancing, while still laying on the floor.

The audience was silent at first, obviously surprised at the remix and the dance break, soon after though, gasps and cheers filled the KSPO Dome. The girls gave an incredible performance, moving to the music while looking the sexiest they ever have. Understandably, this sent ReVeluvs into a frenzy.

Many fans shared their clips from the concert, and those who weren’t able to attend expressed how amazed they were by Red Velvet’s ability to entertain the crowds with something new every time.

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