Only Red Velvet Could Do These 2 Songs Justice According To Their A&R Manager

We can’t imagine anyone else singing these classic bops!

Red Velvet has just started their new YouTube series to celebrate their recent comeback with “Queendom”. Called Queendom Restaurant, the show so far sees the girls running their own fictional restaurant with different friends as guests.

| Red Velvet/YouTube 

On the first episode, members of Red Velvet’s A&R Team (Artist & Repertoire Team) came to visit the girls.

Welcome Tiaras for guests of Queendom Restaurant. | Red Velvet/YouTube 

Before they started their meal, Joy asked the team to explain their job for any fans who might not know what they do.

To make it easy to understand, we check to see which songs go well with which artist and we also ask for songs. We take care of the process involved in making sure album is released and the performances that you make with tracks in the album. We’re a team that’s in charge of all that.

-Jung Hee

| Red Velvet/YouTube 

Later on in the meal, the group was discussing their favorite Red Velvet songs and Seulgi brought up that her favorite album was the one that featured “Dumb Dumb”.

“My favorite album is Dumb Dumb.” | Red Velvet/YouTube 

This brought up a memory for Jung Hee of the A&R team who shared that “Dumb Dumb”,was “one of the songs that [she] knew Red Velvet had to sing it as soon as [she] heard that song.”

“Dumb Dumb was Dumb Dumb Dumb since its demo version. It’s one of the songs that I knew Red Velvet had to sing it as soon as I heard that song.” | Red Velvet/YouTube 

“Dumb Dumb” was Red Velvet’s 5th single from their first full album, The Red and is still beloved by fans.

“Dumb Dumb” | SMTOWN/YouTube 

Jung Hee continued to share one other song that she felt the same way about, quickly adding “…and ‘Ice Cream Cake’. When I heard ‘Ice Cream Cake’ for the first time, I thought it’d be best if Red Velvet sings it.”

“That and Ice Cream Cake. When I heard Ice Cream Cake for the first time, I thought it’d be best if Red Velvet sings it.” | Red Velvet/YouTube 

“Ice Cream Cake” was a double single with “Automatic” that introduced Yeri into the group. The song is also famous for being the one that got the group their first music show win.

“Ice Cream Cake” | SMTOWN/YouTube 

With both of these songs being both beloved by critics and fans, it’s clear Red Velvet has a good A&R team behind them. What are your thoughts on their choices? Let us know and to watch the full episode, check out the video below:

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