Red Velvet Stalked By Paparazzi During Promotional Work In Switzerland

The paparazzi followed them from another country!

The girls of Red Velvet have been visiting Switzerland after being appointed as the Tourism Ambassadors for the country by Schweiz Tourismus (Switzerland Tourism). As part of their duties, they shot a promotional video in five cities over 10 days, with a strictly timed scheduled.

On Thursday, Red Velvet was accompanied by the news publication Luzerner Zeitung and Lien Burkard, the media manager for Switzerland Tourism, during their visit to downtown Lucerne. The planned photoshoot was made difficult due to the waves, and once they were done with that, they headed from the docks into the old part of the city. Later, they would embark on a city tour and hiking in Fräkmüntegg before spending the night on Mount Pilatus. Before that, though, the group and their 25-member entourage would rest for lunch to recharge their batteries.

It was during this lunch that Luzerner Zeitung observed that the entourage was noticeably agitated. Lien Burkhard had a brief word with Jean Kim, Switzerland Tourism’s Korean marketing manager, and it was revealed that Red Velvet’s team had noticed two paparazzi following the group.

They were very aggressive, which is why Red Velvet’s management asked us if we could call the police.

—Lien Burkhard, Switzerland Tourism

The paparazzi spotted Red Velvet by accident at the airport in Korea, saw where they were going, and followed them to Switzerland with the obvious intention of taking pictures to sell them to the media.

After the incident was handled, everyone was finally able to relax on the restaurant’s terrace, enjoying the view of the River Reuss as they ate.

During their tour of the old part of the city, they came across a Jesuit Church. As one of the members of the group is Protestant, she asked to go into the church where she sat on a bench at the front and closed her eyes. The photographers (presumably the same two who were reported to the police earlier in the day), showed no mercy as they circled around the member, taking pictures of her from behind. A manager intervened in the situation, ushering them out of the way with hand gestures. The member was able to sit for a minute before it was time to leave the church, where a car was waiting outside to take the group to Fräkmüntegg.

Although the girls had a frightening experience being stalked by paparazzi, they managed to focus on the positive aspects of their trip, with the group agreeing that they will remember the mountain view most of all. It was revealed they would also be taking home souvenirs to remember the trip by, including some chapel bridge magnets and postcards from Mount Pilatus, but it was Wendy who was the most excited about her souvenir—a potato peeler!

‘And best of all, a potato peeler!’, laughed Wendy.”

Luzerner Zeitung

Source: luzernerzeitung

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