Red Velvet Playfully Tease Joy Following The Announcement Of Her Relationship With Crush

It shows how close the members are!

It was recently announced that Red Velvet‘s Joy is dating soloist Crush. Fans have been nothing but supportive, from sharing their messages of support and digging up adorable interactions between the two artists. However, four people who hadn’t publicly reacted yet were Joy’s fellow group members.

Crush and Red Velvet’s Joy | P Nation

Some of the members recently appeared on member Seulgi‘s weekly Naver show called The members discussed everything from their personal activities, their recent comeback, and much more during the show.

In particular, during a segment, the group was given questions, and the others had to guess what they thought each member would answer. When it came to Joy, she said, “What was the first thing I did when you got home yesterday?

From the look on Joy’s face after she read out the question, it seemed like she knew what the members were going to say. Yet, Joy and many fans didn’t expect the hilarious answer that came out of Irene‘s mouth.

After Joy read the question, Irene replied, “I looked up Joy’s name.” Considering this was aired the day after the news broke, it was no surprise that the members found it so funny and Joy exclaimed, “Stop laughing!

Wendy and Yeri then both joined in. Wendy said, “She saw her cellphone,” while Yeri said, “She looked on the internet.”

When Joy heard those replies, she must’ve known that she would get those reactions because she pointed out, “Why did you ask me that question,” before joking, “I saw it on the internet too.

Although fans initially didn’t want the topic mentioned on the show, they couldn’t help but gush at the member’s response to the news. It isn’t the first time fans couldn’t get enough of the member’s relationship. When the news was announced, fans found other instances where the members playfully teased Joy about Crush, and it definitely shows that they are more like sisters.

For many, it showcases just how close the members are because they were able to tease Joy about the news. You can watch the whole clip below.

Source: @baebaefangirl27

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