Red Velvet Welcomes You To Their 3rd Solo Concert “La Rouge”

Their next concert has finally arrived!

ReVeluvs, are you ready for some great news? Red Velvet‘s coming back to meet you, concert-style!

On October 22, Red Velvet uploaded a picture to their official Twitter account.


This is the translation of the tweet:

Red Velvet’s 3rd solo concert La Rouge will be held at the Korea University Hwajung Gymnasium on November 23-24.

We hope that everyone is excited to see an intense and fascinating stage!

Fan Club Pre-order: October 25

General Tickets: November 1


Fans have been extremely excited about the news; check out some of their reactions below!




Fans have been extremely hyped for this concert because it could mean a comeback right before the concert could take place! Red Velvet have been gearing up for third and final comeback in the ReVe Festival series, The ReVe Festival: Finale.


Are you excited for this concert, as well as a rapidly nearing comeback?

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