Red Velvet’s Wendy And Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Spill SM Entertainment Vocal Training Secrets

Brb, gotta try these vocal exercises out!

SM Entertainment is known for its amazing vocalists, and Red Velvet‘s Wendy and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon gave us a glimpse inside the company’s vocal practices!

aespa’s Winter and Red Velvet’s Wendy | @girlsontop_sm/Instagram
Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon | @girlsontop_sm/Instagram
BoA | @girlsontop_sm/Instagram

Wendy and Taeyeon were brought together through GOT the beat. GOT the beat is a special performance unit girl group made up of Wendy, aespa‘s Winter, Taeyeon, BoA, Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, aespa’s Karina, and Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon.

| Girls On Top/YouTube

In the behind-the-scenes video from GOT the beat’s “Step Back” dance practice video, Wendy showed BoA one of the vocal exercises that she uses. The exercise was saying “hey you” in a whiny voice.

| Girls On Top/YouTube

At first, BoA was a little confused by the exercise until Taeyeon told her to tighten her throat a bit more.

After she mastered the exercise, BoA wowed both Wendy and Taeyeon!

Next, the GOT the beat members moved on to a new vocal exercise. This time, they said, “Egg is here.” They still used nasal voices for this exercise, but they added a bit more vocal power behind it.

After doing this vocal exercise for a little while, Wendy, Taeyeon, and BoA decided that Winter would probably be great at the exercise. They were right and GOT the beat’s maknae nailed the exercise on the first try!

When they were done with their mini vocal exercise session, Taeyeon said those exercises were a “must” for SM Entertainment vocalists.

While they didn’t explain why they were doing the vocal exercises in the video, the purpose of the exercises is likely to promote proper vocal cord closure and to learn how to sing without being too breathy or raising the larynx too much. Whatever the purpose of the exercises, we think these lovely ladies’ voices are proof that the exercises work!

Check out the full video below.