Red Velvet Wendy’s Bleached Hair Was A Hot Topic While She Was In North Korea

Here’s what they said about her dyed hair.

Red Velvet had traveled to Pyongyang, North Korea to perform as the only idol group in the South Korean artist team.


Since returning to Korea, Wendy shared her thoughts about the performance on !t Live with Super Junior‘s Leeteuk and EXO‘s Chanyeol.


When the group went to Pyongyang, all the members had darker hair colors except for Wendy who had dyed her hair a very light brown.


Wendy explained that North Koreans do not dye their hair.

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In fact, the North Korean people had apparently suggested that she would have looked better with a more natural hair color and warned that her hair will get damaged if she keeps dying her hair.

“They told me that my natural hair color would have looked better and asked me why I dyed my hair when it’s damaging…that it’ll damage my hair. Yes, they showed their concern for me in this way.” ㅡ Wendy


She also explained that there were many people on the streets of Pyongyang as well as cars and motorcycles.

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“There were also many people at Pyongyang station. They just smiled and looked at us, wondering who we are.” ㅡ Wendy


And the clothing they wore was similar to what people wore in South Korea. They don’t wear Hanbok on a regular basis as some rumors claim.

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“They didn’t wear Hanbok. They just wore everyday attire and only wore Hanbok for important events.” ㅡ Wendy


Despite their differences in hair color preferences, the North and South apparently have many things in common as well! As for Wendy, there are many fans who love her with any hair color she chooses!


Watch the clip of her interview below:

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