Actors From Red Velvet Wendy’s New MV Refer To Her As A “Former” Member, Sparking Confusion Among Fans

Red Velvet’s contracts were presumed to be expiring over two months ago.

After two actors from Wendy‘s upcoming collab music video referred to her as a “former” member of Red Velvet, fans have been left wondering there’s any truth to the wording.

Earlier this month, fans were delighted to learn that Red Velvet’s Wendy is finally getting a new collaboration song. On October 29, she and Son Tae Jin (a member of the male vocal quartet Forte di Quattro) are set to release “Be Deep”—and the duet is also getting a music video.

Son Tae Jin | @teejson/Instagram

Alongside Wendy and Son Tae Jin themselves, the music video will feature two Korea-based American actors: John D. Michaels and Amy Woo. But when the acting duo announced their new gig on Instagram today, they surprised fans with their description of Wendy.

John D. Michaels and Amy Woo in “Be Deep” | @sudden_a/Instagram

In her Instagram post, Amy Woo stated, “MV for Son Tae Jin and Wendy (formerly of Red Velvet) drops Fri!” Similarly, John D. Michaels wrote, “Promo shot for the new music video from Son Tae Jin and Wendy (formerly of Red Velvet).” Naturally, fans were left confused—as far as everyone knows, Wendy is still a member of Red Velvet.

Red Velvet’s Wendy | @RVsmtown/Twitter

Four of Red Velvet’s five members (including Wendy) debuted over seven years ago in August 2014, with Yeri joining the group in March 2015. However, while their initial contract is presumed to have lasted seven years, SM Entertainment is yet to announce whether the members have renewed their terms with the company.

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A recent investor report also listed Red Velvet’s contract renewal as a Q4 2021 activity (September to December 2021), implying that the members may not have even decided whether to stay together at SM Entertainment yet. That said, investor reports are typically taken as estimations and presumptions, so there’s no guarantee that this information is accurate.

| @redvelvet.smtown/Instagram

In any case, since nothing has been announced yet, fans were perplexed to see the music video actors refer to Wendy as a former member of Red Velvet.

While some fans suggested that the actors may have been confused about Wendy’s status given that it’s rare for American artists to have a solo career while remaining a member of their band, others on Twitter took the captions to be a sign that Wendy may have departed the company.

| @RVsmtown/Twitter

That said, after fans came across John D. Michaels’s post and notified him that Wendy is still a Red Velvet member, he did amend his caption to read “Wendy (from Red Velvet)“. “I will edit it, thanks!” he told one commenter, responding, “I just edited it~ I’m so ashamed…” to another. This has led many to believe that the original captions may have been a mistake, though Amy Woo has not changed her wording.

| @RVsmtown/Twitter

It’s also worth noting that Yeri recently divulged that Red Velvet is preparing for a Japanese comeback, indicating that the group is still making music together. Regardless of the outcome of Red Velvet’s contract renegotiations, fans are hoping it won’t be long until concrete news is released.

Source: @frogsonalilypad, @sudden_a and @im_jammed

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