Red Velvet’s Wendy Dreams Of A Romantic Moment With Her “Boyfriend Or Girlfriend”

Wendy shared her dream special moment on a new episode of “Wendy’s Youngstreet.”

It’s no secret that Red Velvet‘s Wendy has a romantic side, especially given that she once folded 1,000 origami cranes for her elementary school crush. While that crush sadly didn’t return Wendy’s affections, she definitely hasn’t given up on her dreams of romance—and she may not only be dreaming of a life with a boyfriend. Here’s what Wendy said about her relationship hopes on the most recent episode of her radio show, Wendy’s Youngstreet.

Each day on Wendy’s Youngstreet, Wendy hosts a segment called “Someone Else’s Love Story,” in which listeners share their stories of crushes, love, and relationship concerns. During the radio show’s most recent episode, a male listener’s story of a romantic moment prompted Wendy to share one of her own relationship dreams.

Red Velvet’s Wendy | @sbsyoungstreet/Instagram

I have this dream…

­— Wendy

When you share an umbrella with someone else,” Wendy explained, “you stick close to each other to stop your shoulders from getting wet.” She went on to reveal that the dream she has is to walk with her partner in the rain, sharing an umbrella together—totally adorable!

But one specific part of Wendy’s statement really caught fans’ attention: she dreams of doing so with her boyfriend or her girlfriend.

| @sbsyoungstreet/Instagram

I want to do that. I have a dream of walking [and sharing an umbrella] with my boyfriend or girlfriend.

— Wendy

Given how rare it is for idols to openly refer to themselves in same-gender relationships, it’s no surprise that Wendy’s fans were pleasantly shocked by what she said.

Interestingly, however, this isn’t the first time Wendy has included women in her references to romance. During one Red Velvet concert, for example, she changed the lyrics of one of the group’s songs from, “Ooh boy, come and light me up,” to, “Ooh girl, come and light me up.”

Earlier this year, she referenced the lyrical change again in a Bubble message, referring to her female fans as “Ooh girls” (or “Woogirls“) and asking if they fell for her.

Plus, she’s never shied away from supporting the LGBTQ+ community when the opportunity arises. When she appeared on Battle Trip with Seulgi, the two were enamored with traffic lights showing gay and lesbian couples in Austria, and Wendy even did her own research on how the lights were made to “decrease prejudice… and respect diversity.”

Whether Wendy is opening up about her own future romance or simply being inclusive for the sake of fans and listeners, ReVeluvs are praising her bravery in openly proposing having a girlfriend to numerous SBS Radio listeners.

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