Red Velvet’s Wendy Goes Viral For Her Hilarious, Unexpected Response To A ReVeluv’s Question

She had a VERY practical reason for her answer!

Red Velvet‘s Wendy shocked her fan during a video call when she gave the most unexpected reply to their question!

Wendy from Red Velvet. | @todayis_wendy/Instagram

The fan posed a hypothetical situation to Wendy: “Let’s say someone offers me $4,254,462.50 but I have to stop liking you. What should I do?

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Instead of asking the fan to keep liking her, Wendy barely had to think before telling them, “Just take the money!

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The fan was stunned by Wendy’s response, but Wendy had a very practical reason for telling them to take the money instead!

Fan: WENDY!!!
Wendy: ARE YOU KIDDING? Do you know how much money that is?! You won’t ever come across an offer like that again. OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE THE MONEY.

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Even after the fan emphasized that this would mean they can’t like her anymore, Wendy said, “We gotta be realistic here, okay? Take the money.

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When the fan asked Wendy if it’s okay that they won’t like Wendy anymore, Wendy came up with a very simple solution!

Fan: What about me though? You don’t want me to like you anymore?
Wendy: I will do the liking. How’s that? You take the money AND you get to have me like you!

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Wendy giving the fan a thumbs up. | @zerotoinf/Twitter 

Getting $4 million dollars and having Wendy like you? Sounds like a great deal! ReVeluvs have been cracking up over the video which now has over 200k views. They’re sharing their love for Wendy and her brilliant thinking!


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