Red Velvet’s Wendy Reveals That She Sang Live In Every Single Scene Of Her “Like Water” MV

Queen is flexing those vocals!

Wendy is Red Velvet‘s main vocalist, and she recently revealed that she put those vocals to work for 3 days in a row while filming her MV!

Wendy made her solo debut with “Like Water”, and she invited fellow member Joy to review and react to her MV!

While watching the MV, Wendy revealed a suprising fact about the scenes she shot! In the scenes where she can be seen hitting those high notes, Wendy shared that while filming those scenes, she sang live the whole time!

When filming this video, I kept singing for two days without a break! Without lipsyncing!


Joy then asked her about her vocal condition while singing for two days straight, and Wendy said she was fine until the second day. which is when she started feeling the strain of singing live over and over!

I was okay until the second day.


Wendy is a vocal queen, through and through!

| SM Entertainment

She made her solo debut with “Like Water”.

You can watch her talk about this here!

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