Red Velvet Wendy Talks About The Most Heart Breaking Moment She Suffered During Trainee Days

Wendy got teary when she spoke about this time in her life.

Red Velvet‘s Wendy opened up on Idol Party about the hardest moment she experienced while she was a trainee and confessed that it still affects her now.


She lived and studied abroad since she was in the fifth grade, so her mother would always send flowers and cake each year for her birthday.

Like most trainees, she was on a diet during her trainee days. Her mother would make a low-calorie cake with as much as the sugar taken out as possible especially to help her stick to her restrictive diet.


One year, her mother made and sent a low-fat pumpkin cake. Wendy was scolded by her agency for eating the cake and sharing it around because she was failing to follow her diet.

The agency told scolded her, saying “Why did you eat it? You’re on a diet!” Wendy, feeling frustrated and upset, channeled her anger at her mom by yelling at her.


She recalls often taking her frustrations out on her mom when it was difficult during her trainee days.

“We get irritated and angry when we’re upset and stressed. Whenever I was having a hard time I got frustrated and I was often frustrated with my mom. I’m so sorry to my mom who had to endure all of that.” — Wendy


Wendy shed tears because she felt so guilty and thankful for her mom’s constant support.

She felt so sorry for venting her anger on her innocent mother who was only trying to help her daughter.


Wendy was on a strict diet during her trainee days and lost a lot of weight right before her debut.

Wendy pre-debut.


She had to go through a lot of hardships and trials to achieve her dream.


She looks like almost a completely new person after debuting with Red Velvet.


But since her debut, her weight has fluctuated from seeming sickly and bloated to super skinny, so fans have been worried about her health.

Fans just hope she stays healthy and happy!

Source: Vingle and Daily Sports

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