Red Velvet’s Wendy Teaches First-Time Girl Group Member BoA How To Perform On A Music Show With A Group

BoA is learning lots from her fellow GOT the beat members!

BoA is learning lots as a first-time girl group member!

BoA | @boakwon/Instagram

BoA has been a soloist throughout her career. As a soloist, she hasn’t really had to work with large numbers of other K-Pop idols like she would if she were part of a group. However, now that she’s part of GOT the beat, a special girl group performance unit, BoA is getting the full girl group member experience!

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GOT the beat is made up of BoA, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, Red Velvet‘s Wendy, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, aespa‘s Karina, and aespa’s Winter.

GOT the beat | @girlsontop_sm/Instagram

As a member of GOT the beat, BoA is learning what it’s like to be in a group, especially when it comes to performing with the other members of the group. In the behind-the-scenes footage of GOT the beat’s “Step Back” dance practice, BoA revealed that she’s never filmed a dance practice video before.

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BoA also had to start thinking about herself in relation to her group members for the very first time. During practice, she asked Wendy, “In music shows, there aren’t numbers (for positions), so what do you do?”

Wendy, along with Seulgi and Winter, explained that the other members look at the members in front of them and next to them to make sure they’re spaced out correctly and in the right formation.

BoA was also concerned about messing up while she was performing in front of the other GOT the beat members. She said, “But let’s say I’m in the front, then I can’t see behind me.” 

Wendy explained that the other members would adjust to BoA’s position in the front.

With the help of her fellow GOT the beat members, BoA quickly learned how to prepare for a group music show performance. Although this is her first time performing as a girl group member, BoA definitely didn’t look out of place while performing with GOT the beat!

Check out the full behind-the-scenes video from GOT the beat’s dance practice below.

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