Red Velvet’s Wendy Trending Worldwide After SM Entertainment Releases First Photo Since Her Accident

Wendy is back!

The K-Pop side of social media is abuzz on August 19 as SM Entertainment releases the first photo of Red Velvet‘s Wendy since a serious injury forced her onto hiatus last year.

Back at the end of July, SM Entertainment announced Our Beloved BoA, a cover compilation project dedicated to BoA‘s 20th anniversary. Among the artists on the project was none other than Red Velvet, who will be covering BoA’s song “Milky Way”.

ReVeluvs were in high anticipation as the date for Red Velvet’s Our Beloved BoA teasers rolled around. Given Wendy’s recent condition, fans were on tenterhooks wondering whether she’d feature on the song.

Hit release “Psycho” was the last time ReVeluvs had seen Wendy.

On December 25, 2019, Wendy unfortunately suffered serious injuries at SBS Gayo Daejeon rehearsals. After negligent safety requirements caused Wendy to fall from a platform allegedly over 2 meters in height, Wendy was left with a fractured pelvis and injuries to her face and wrist. Since then, ReVeluvs have made do with sparse updates on her condition, recently learning that she was still undergoing rehabilitation.

Wendy updated her Instagram with old photos in February to confirm she was doing well. | @todayis_wendy

But fans all got their wish today as SM Entertainment released Our Beloved BoA teasers for Red Velvet. After Irene and Seulgi, ReVeluvs were shocked to see Wendy’s teaser uploaded to SM Entertainment’s official Twitter account. Wendy looked dazzling in a long floral dress and silver shoes, with fans overjoyed to see her on her feet after recovering from her fractures. Her teaser is also the only full-body photo in the set.

Given that this is the first new photo fans have seen of Wendy since her accident, many couldn’t believe it was really her. Thankfully, Yeri soon took to the company’s “Bubble” messaging app teasing that the “Milky Way” photoshoot was an OT5 schedule she hinted at several weeks ago. This likely means ReVeluvs can expect to hear Wendy on the song and see her in the music video too.

| @todayis_wendy

Unsurprisingly, the photo set K-Pop fans ablaze, with thousands of ReVeluvs tweeting their shock and happiness as soon as the photo dropped.

As Red Velvet garnered unprecedented success with “Psycho”, this is the first time many new fans of the group are seeing a recent photo of Wendy.

Wendy’s teaser reached 50,000 retweets on Twitter in just 45 minutes. Within just 15 minutes, “WENDY” reached the top 10 of Twitter’s worldwide trends. Meanwhile, the hashtag #WeMissedYouWendy trended worldwide at #5.

Here’s hoping Wendy is finally feeling much better and will be able to join Red Velvet for a full-group comeback in the near future!

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