Red Velvet Wendy Has The Most Wholesome Sunbae-Hoobae Interaction With PURPLE KISS

What a supportive senior!

This past summer, Red Velvet‘s Wendy took over as the host on SBS‘s Youngstreet broadcast and had since been using her platform to spread her unique brand of positivity. Wendy adds to that positivity by using her platform to uplift rookie groups, as PURPLE KISS quickly learned.

Wendy (Center Left) with PURPLE KISS Goeun (Left), Yuki (Center Right), and Ireh (Right) | @wandj221/Twitter

Before PURPLE KISS’s appearance on Wendy’s show, the girls were quick to admit how much they love Red Velvet and Wendy, with Goeun revealing that she’d practiced a lot with her songs. Goeun, alongside Ireh and Yuki, even delivered an impromptu performance of Red Velvet’s most recent comeback, “Queendom”, to show their enthusiasm.

Soon enough, it was time for the girls to meet their role model finally. It was clear they were nervous about meeting such an established idol.

Wendy quickly calmed the girls’ nerves and showed genuine interest in the group by doing PURPLE KISS’s official hand movement.

She even said that she’d change her greeting for the day to match their hand movement.

Once the broadcast started, Wendy showered the girls with compliments, calling them “pros on stage” and continued to show the girls support throughout the interview.

After the recording finished, Wendy added on to her previous compliments, saying

I’ve received so much energy from them. I wanted to meet them, since the new track is so nice. They are a talented group. All groups do their best on stage, but they are one of the groups that literally put their utmost efforts. Since they are so talented, I wanted to meet them in person.


Wendy then invited the group back but with the condition that she could meet all the members next time.

Before the girls left, Wendy joined them for a picture and even did the main pose from the group’s most recent song, “Zombie”.

We are so grateful that seniors like Wendy are willing to go the extra mile to make their juniors feel more comfortable. To see the full behind-the-scenes from PURPLE KISS’s appearance on Wendy’s show, check out the video below:

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