Red Velvet Will Be Featured on a Movie Soundtrack—Just Not The One You Were Expecting

The Birds of Prey rumor was false, but this one is confirmed!

Last week, social media was ablaze with a big rumor about Red Velvet appearing on a movie soundtrack. That rumor turned out to be true after all—but it’s not the movie everyone was expecting.

Sources on Twitter speculated that Red Velvet had recorded an English version of “Psycho” that was due to be released on the upcoming soundtrack for DC’s Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn).

In just a few weeks since its release, “Psycho” has become one of the biggest hits of the moment. It was the only girl group song to achieve a #1 on the Melon Daily Chart in 2019, along with numerous All Kills.

Unfortunately, the rumor turned out to be just that—a rumor. A few days later, DC released the official soundtrack list for Birds of Prey, and Red Velvet was nowhere to be seen.

Fans were left feeling dejected when the tweets turned out to be false. But little did they know, Red Velvet would be featuring on a movie soundtrack after all. Billboard writer Jeff Benjamin had already given fans a tip-off on his own Twitter account, but no one was quite sure what to make of it.

Since Red Velvet’s company, SM Entertainment, has a partnership with Marvel, some fans guessed that a feature on the Black Widow soundtrack could be coming.

But today, the mystery soundtrack appearance was revealed, and the movie was one no one was expecting: DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls World Tour!

In a new trailer released across Asian regions, a group of Trolls are seen introducing themselves as “the K-Pop gang”, right before breaking into a chorus of Red Velvet’s energetic summer song “Zimzalabim”.

It may not have been what fans were expecting, but they’re already getting excited to see Red Velvet exposed to a new, younger generation!

The Trolls in the trailer even sport Red Velvet’s signature colors in their hair: purple for Yeri, yellow for Seulgi, blue for Wendy, pink for Irene, and green for Joy.

This is the second time Red Velvet have been part of the Trolls franchise. In 2018, SM Entertainment released “Hair in the Air” as part of their Station series. This song served as the theme tune for the Trolls animated series, and featured Red Velvet’s Yeri alongside NCT’s Renjun, Jeno, and Jaemin.

All this soundtrack speculation came hot on the heels of another Tweet alleging that Red Velvet’s Joy would appear on remix of Camila Cabello’s “My Oh My”.

As of right now, this rumor is yet to be confirmed or denied.

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