Red Velvet Will Be Guests On The Inaugural Episode Of A New International Dance Show

The show promises that cultural barriers will be broken through the love of K-Pop.

JTBC will be debuting a new competitive variety show that they describe as “providing a stage for people to fulfil their dreams by seeking K-Pop dance performers from around the world”.

The show is called Star K and teams from around the world who have passed the preliminary competitions will appear on the show. The show promises that barriers like language and culture will be broken as these teams show their love of K-Pop.

The victorious group in each episode will be allowed to perform with that week’s “dream star”. The show’s first celebrity guest is Red Velvet who is a perfect choice as they are beloved around the world.

Seulgi of Red Velvet gave a promo for the show’s auditions way back in December so expect a lot of Red Velvet songs!

The show is expected to start airing in early April.

Source: Naver

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