Red Velvet Will Not Be Featured On “Birds Of Prey” Soundtrack Despite Rumors To The Contrary

The official tracklist was released.

At the beginning of the month, rumors emerged of Red Velvet releasing an English version of their new bop “Psycho” for DC‘s soon-to-be-released film Birds of Prey.


Media company HYPEBEAST recently unveiled the tracklist featuring an impressive array of talented artists, such as Halsey and Summer Walker, but much to the dismay of K-Pop fans, there was no inclusion of Red Velvet.


While it’s understandable that ReVeluv are feeling a little disappointed they won’t be getting an English-language version of the track and it won’t be featured in the major Hollywood film despite fitting the vibe, they can still take comfort in knowing that “Psycho” made Red Velvet the top girl group of 2019 for digital streaming!

Red Velvet