Red Velvet Wins Artist Of The Year At The FMA 2019 And Hints At Their Next Comeback

Apparently it’s supposed to be a secret.

Red Velvet is one of the hottest groups in K-Pop right now. Not only are they beloved across South Korea as one of the top girl groups, but they have been receiving love from all across the world for their immense talent and praiseworthy albums. They even have the distinction of being the only K-Pop group to perform in North Korea!

It is hence a testament to their success that they were awarded “Artist Of The Year” at The Fact Music Awards 2019. This is a music award show that celebrates the achievements of artists leading the Korean Wave.

Red Velvet has had a fantastic year, garnering impressive digital and physical sales and recently wrapping up a successful world tour in Japan and North America.

But Red Velvet was asked the question that everyone was dying to know!

The FMA host, Jeon Hyun Moo asked Red Velvet when their next comeback was going to be!

But at first, the girls were trying not to give any answers.

Seulgi: Secret

Jeon Hyun Moo: Is it in the summer?

Seulgi: It is a secret

Jeon Hyun Moo: Maybe someone will say something

Yeri: Secret


Although the girls weren’t willing to divulge any information at first, Reveluvs were suspicious at how much they were using the word “secret”.

Some are even theorising that their next song will be titled “Secret” which would be a fantastic title for a song!

But the girls have had a history of unintentionally revealing their comebacks. Wendy even spoiled their “Power Up” comeback in an interview with Billboard.

When Red Velvet went up to accept their award for “World Wide Icon”, it looks like they couldn’t keep the secret from Reveluvs any longer.

Wendy gave an acceptance speech in English, thanking Reveluvs for their love and support.

But before finishing off their acceptance speech, Wendy said that Seulgi had one last thing to say.

We’ll see you all in the summer

There you have it, Red Velvet is definitely coming back in the summer!

And if there is one group that knows how to release an iconic song in the summer, it’s Red Velvet!

The group has been rumoured to be collaborating with LDN Noise for their next song.

LDN Noise has previously been behind many of SM’s most beloved songs, including “Dumb Dumb” and “Zoo” which has left Reveluvs with high expectations for the next comeback.

LDN Noise has even released a tweet that signals they may be releasing something big this summer.

Understandably many Reveluvs can hardly wait for Red Velvet to come back with another summer bop.

Reveluvs know that this next comeback will be another addition to Red Velvet’s perfect discography.

But for now let’s keep it a “secret”.

Red Velvet